Military-Filmed UFO from an Active Conflict Zone Revealed for the First Time

Investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp have obtained and are revealing for the first time a US military-filmed UFO from an active conflict zone. The UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) has been officially designated by the US government and intelligence agencies and is currently part of the active US UAP investigations, now under the Department of Defense’s AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office).

The video was taken on April 16, 2016, over the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq. It’s only 4 seconds long, but in that time, the UAP can be seen “moving with purpose” in a lateral direction across the video (south to north). The “orb” UAP is visible for approximately 1 second as it moves through frame. The imaging type used was FMV (Full Motion Video), which blends Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) and other video-based motion image sensors into a comprehensive intelligence synthesis with geospatially aware video data.

Image of the “Mosul Orb”

The reconnaissance craft used was an MC-12, a medium-to low-altitude, twin-engine turboprop aircraft. Its primary mission is providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support directly to ground forces. The initial analysis hub was DGS-1 (Distributed Ground System number 1, Langley AFB, Virginia), which focuses on imagery intelligence and electronic signals intelligence and primarily supports U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM).

In a statement, Corbell said, “For the first time, we are releasing a military filmed image of a UAP over an active conflict zone. This is an entirely different scenario to the East and West Coast incursions over training ranges. UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] pose significant risk to our service men and women, and this case highlights this – and is unfortunately not unique. Origin, capability, operator and intent has not been determined in relation to this intelligently controlled UFO over Mosul, Iraq. At a minimum, UAP pose a fundamental intelligence and combat identification problem that must be addressed.”

The release of this video is part of a wider intelligence briefing that was generated to educate personnel on the UFO / UAP issue and to de-stigmatize the topic. The briefing, which was generated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) on May 1st, 2020, and updated on November 4th, 2021, was distributed across a wide range of intelligence networking platforms to educate the United States Armed Forces and the intelligence community on the nature and presentation of the UAP / UFO phenomenon.

See the Military-Filmed UFO for Yourself

You can hear and see more about this case on Corbell’s and Knapp’s new podcast and show called WEAPONIZEDPODCAST.COM . Remember to keep your eyes to the skies and who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of the mysterious “Mosul Orb” for yourself.

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