The Asbury Park Beach Scene

Asbury Park’s beaches have always been its main attraction and draw crowds of visitors from all over the northeast, especially in the summer. Even with that popularity, the Asbury Park beach visitor will still have plenty of space to relax and enjoy the sun. Visitors will also find navigating around town easy as the beaches have the same names as streets that run near them, making them easy to locate. There is metered parking available on these streets, which allows for stress-free parking only a few feet away from the beach.

Enjoying the Beach Experience

During the heaviest part of the beach season, visitors over age 12 will need a badge to go onto the beach. Badges can be purchased at the Beach Office, which is located on the boardwalk between First and Second Avenue. The office is open seven days a week. A season beach badge will costs $70 dollars, daily ones cost $5 each and $6 on the weekends. Visitors can enjoy Asbury Park beach knowing that it is fully patrolled by lifeguards starting on the 20th of June through to Labor Day. They can lie down with a book or with their headphones on and forget their cares for a while. There is enough quiet to take a nap, and enough space to walk along the sands and watch the surf. Visitors with disabilities can be accommodated by way of available surf chairs.

The Beach Amenities

Amenities close to the beach include a relaxing hammock garden at the corner of Cookman Avenue and St James Place. This facility provides air-conditioned restrooms, lockers and several hammocks that are surrounded by palm trees. The hammock garden is open to those who purchase seasonal or daily badges. There is also the boardwalk featuring a variety of restaurants and amusements.
The 4,000 foot long, 60-foot wide boardwalk has been restored and is much improved. Additionally, the restaurants and shops stay open late on the first Saturday of each month, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves well into the night.

Ashbury Park is great for families, couples or anyone under the sun. It provides beauty, relaxation, entertainment, exercise, great people watching and unique dining options. Makes for a great day or weekend visit. Any trip here creates long lasting memories of fun in the sun on this one of a kind beach. Add to your bucket list.

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