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10 Entertaining (Mainly) Horror DVDs to Kill 90 Minutes With If You’ve Got Nothing Else to Do!

The best thing about DVDs is they’re a great way to kill a couple of hours with if you’ve got nothing else to do, provided their entertaining! Entertaining does not always mean good though sometimes a film is both entertaining and good. A few of the movies I have listed are actually good enough that you probably would have been seeking to rent or buy them on DVD on their own if you knew anything about them. Anyway, here’s my list for you in alphabetical order. The main criteria being that they provide entertainment. Actually, the total is 12 if you count an original and modern remake as 2 DVDs and I couldn’t drop another DVD off the list!

Two Thousand Maniacs (1964) and/or 2001 Maniacs (2005)- 2001 Maniacs is actually the colorized remake starring Robert Englund of the classic 1964 horror movie involving Civil War Revenge in the present! 2001 Maniacs is more manic and over the top and of course sick and disgusting and to me even more entertaining than the original as it amps up the action. The original is quite good as well and you can actually watch both movies and not be bored.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) – An actually very good science fiction movie that for some reason seemed to suffer a backlash when it came out probably because it starred Ashton Kutcher who was in fact pretty good. This movie is like a nasty evil “Ground Hog Day” and it seems to have been inspired by the novel “Replay” by Ken Grimwood.

Cabin Fever (2002) – This is the movie that launched Eli Roth’s career before he made Hostel. Roth is one of my favorite directors and this movie is awesome, sick and disgusting and not anyones idea of a “chick flick” unless flesh-eating virus in an isolated cabin setting shared by friends on vacation is your idea of romance

Dead Silence (2007) – I have to confess I love “Ventriloquist” horror movies. I found this movie quite entertaining though on the surface there is absolutely no redeeming social value. A great movie for people who like to be scared by Dummies!

Decoy (1946) – One of the most underrated and (relatively) unknown Film Noir classics featuring what has to be the nastiest, most unrepentant, ruthless, cold, female villain’s ever. This movie was 60 years ahead of its time. It involves as an added bonus bringing an executed murderer back to life, greed, betrayal and more.

The Devil Rides Out (1968) – This Hammer Horror film starring the great Christopher Lee, is one of the best movies on Satan and wealthy Devil Worshippers ever and is a perfect example of the Serious but Campy acting style in the 60’s that can’t be captured in 2008. There simply is no way a modern actor could seriously spout the dialogue of this movie with a straight face like the wonderful English actors did here in 1968. Some great huge British homes in the countryside and of course Satan.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003) – This movie is one of my top ten movies of all time. Featuring the directing debut of Rob Zombie, this to me is one of the greatest most entertaining hilarious, sick horror movies ever. The casting, acting, script, is perfect. If this movie doesn’t entertain you, nothing will, Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding should have gotten an Oscar! This movie even has Rainn Wilson, pre Office!

Kidnapped (2006 Complete TV Series) – This is actually the complete excellent 13 episode 2006 TV series starring Jeremy Sisto about the kidnapping of a wealthy honcho’s (Timothy Hutton) son that is a suspenseful thriller with a huge amount of twists and turns that deserved a huge TV audience. “Kidnapped” was canceled before it could reach the level of success of say a “24”, though the first arc of the show is complete here. This would be worth renting out even if you didn’t just want to kill time and be entertained.

Shutter (2008) – This is a thoroughly entertaining American knockoff of your basic Japanese Modern Horror Movie, starring the great Joshua Jackson. It is strictly a Grade “B” or “C” movie but Joshua Jackson says some of the greatest most contemptible lines of cluelessness in the history of talking movies towards the end of the movie. This is worth renting just for Joshua Jackson’s dialogue alone in the last 10 minutes which is beyond amazing. The writer is a genius.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) – This is a sci-fi fantasy type film starring Jude Law and I thought the photography and style were utterly amazing and I felt like I was in a 1940’s Space Opera. I can’t understand why this movie wasn’t huge in the Box Office.

Wonderfalls (2004) – A truly fantastic TV Show that deserved a better fate but it was on Fox, what do you expect? Only 4 Episodes of this show were broadcast before it was canceled but this box set has the complete 13 episodes that were originally filmed. This was the best whimsical fantasy type TV show I’ve ever seen with excellent acting led by the amazing Caroline Dhavernas who this show should have made a star, great writing and directing.

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The Asbury Park Beach Scene

Asbury Park’s beaches have always been its main attraction and draw crowds of visitors from all over the northeast, especially in the summer. Even with that popularity, the Asbury Park beach visitor will still have plenty of space to relax and enjoy the sun. Visitors will also find navigating around town easy as the beaches have the same names as streets that run near them, making them easy to locate. There is metered parking available on these streets, which allows for stress-free parking only a few feet away from the beach.

Enjoying the Beach Experience

During the heaviest part of the beach season, visitors over age 12 will need a badge to go onto the beach. Badges can be purchased at the Beach Office, which is located on the boardwalk between First and Second Avenue. The office is open seven days a week. A season beach badge will costs $70 dollars, daily ones cost $5 each and $6 on the weekends. Visitors can enjoy Asbury Park beach knowing that it is fully patrolled by lifeguards starting on the 20th of June through to Labor Day. They can lie down with a book or with their headphones on and forget their cares for a while. There is enough quiet to take a nap, and enough space to walk along the sands and watch the surf. Visitors with disabilities can be accommodated by way of available surf chairs.

The Beach Amenities

Amenities close to the beach include a relaxing hammock garden at the corner of Cookman Avenue and St James Place. This facility provides air-conditioned restrooms, lockers and several hammocks that are surrounded by palm trees. The hammock garden is open to those who purchase seasonal or daily badges. There is also the boardwalk featuring a variety of restaurants and amusements.
The 4,000 foot long, 60-foot wide boardwalk has been restored and is much improved. Additionally, the restaurants and shops stay open late on the first Saturday of each month, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves well into the night.

Ashbury Park is great for families, couples or anyone under the sun. It provides beauty, relaxation, entertainment, exercise, great people watching and unique dining options. Makes for a great day or weekend visit. Any trip here creates long lasting memories of fun in the sun on this one of a kind beach. Add to your bucket list.

Stronger than the storm [] is a great site that provides information on everything to do on the New Jersey coast. Definitely worth a visit.

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The Scariest Places on Earth – Most Haunted Prisons

When evaluating the scariest places on Earth, I have discovered that the most haunted prisons seem to be most appealing to the individual who is a ghost hunter at heart. True ghost stories, detailed ghost pictures, frightening ghost videos, and unexplained phenomenon are just a few traces of evidence that surround these haunted structures known for misery and confinement. Here, you will learn about some of the most haunted prisons that I have stumbled upon in much personal research. The spooky tales and frightening evidence surrounding these prisons will outline why many refer to them as the scariest places on Earth!

Eastern State Penitentiary

The first haunted prison that we will review is Eastern State Penitentiary. This particular prison was opened in the year of 1829 in Philadelphia. Prior to the opening of this establishment, the jail on Walnut Street in the area housed individuals who were found to be crime committers. The Quakers of the time established the fact that some major changes needed to occur when it came to incarceration methods. It was established by this particular group of individuals who when an individual broke the laws, they should endure a period of “penitence”. This group believed that being confined in a solitary manner could assist in this time of penitence.

This prison was constructed to reflect the beliefs that confinement and silence by the Quakers could benefit the inmates, as well as society on the whole. Each criminal who entered this facility was issued their own room, as well as their own small outside area. The individuals were not permitted to interact with any other inmate while serving their time at Eastern State Penitentiary. Silence was imperative at this prison. Inmates were not allowed to talk, sing, read, or communicate in any other manner. If the individuals failed to adhere to these rules, they were punished and were not permitted to have any type of food or drink.

While the Quakers had a sound concept in mind, and believed that there would be little need to punish outside of the confinement and solitude, the staff of the prison thought otherwise. As prisoners reached out to communicate with others, new ways of punishing them were implemented and the methods were relatively harsh. These methods included using a straight jacket, a device called a “mad chair” in which they could be strapped for days, “water baths” that occurred mostly in the winter months where the inmates would be drenched with cold water and chained to a chair for many days, and the “iron gag”. The iron gag involved tying the tongue of the inmate and then attaching it to the hands behind the back. When the hands were moved, it would pull and tear the tongue.

Many prisoners died while at their stay at the Eastern State Penitentiary. It is believed that the tortured souls of these individuals still roam the haunted prison, only they are not as silent. The average visitor to this haunted prison is likely to hear noises that are chilling to the bone, like screams and cries that display sadness and despair, and a relatively high amount of anguish. Many have actually seen apparitions that appear to be residual hauntings, of the ways in which the inmates were tortured, just like it is happening in the presence. The negative and emotional energy created at this haunted prison definitely qualify it as one of the scariest places on Earth today.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

The Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary is also considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth. This haunted prison has had a number of sightings, and frightening experiences. As you approach this immense structure, you are likely to be taken back by the spooky, gothic building style that was used to create the facility. Constructed in the year of 1866, on the outer area of a place called “Moundsville”, this spooky prison housed several different individuals for a period of about one hundred and twenty nine years. A good majority of these individuals lost their lives while staying at the prison. There were some who died of natural causes, others who died due to the shear violence, and many others who were actually executed in the prison.

It is believed, at one point in history, an ancient burial ground for Native Americans stood on the property where Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary was constructed. This is, in all actuality, how “Moundsville” got its name. The purpose and intent of the facility was to house the most dangerous criminals of the time. This prison also housed women prisoners as well as men prisoners. One of the main things that played an important role in this particular prison was that it actually had what was called a “Death House”. Throughout the history of the prison, individuals were executed here – typically, by hangings, and then eventually by an electric chair.

There have been a number of scary tales to circulate regarding this particular haunted prison. The violence, the torture, and of course, the murders and suicides that were experienced in this haunted prison all account to the tales that circulate of ominous ghosts and evil spirits. It is not unusual to hear footsteps approaching from an unknown source, frightening noises echoing off of the walls of the structure, screams and cries emerging from every direction, and even an occasional apparition.

Mansfield Reformatory

The Mansfield Reformatory is another haunted prison that is believed to be one of the scariest places on Earth. In the year of 1896, this structure was established in order to provide a location that boys who were sent to be reformed could be completely turned around – in a spiritual way. Unfortunately, things did not work out as well as the original creators may have thought that they would. Stories of torture, despair, sadness, and death have been circulated for years. As a result of these gruesome stories, it is believed that a number of hauntings have occurred at the Mansfield Reformatory. Here, I will share some of the haunting tales of this haunted prison.

One of the main stories of a haunting in this prison occurs in the wing where administration serves. At one point in history, a Warden’s wife lived in this area with her husband. She was trying to retrieve something from the close when a gun fell and a bullet entered her chest. She died, and many claimed that the Warden actually killed her, despite the fact that evidence pointed a different direction. Approximately ten years later, the Warden had a heart attack and he passed away. It is believed that the couple still resides in the establishment as ghosts. Scents of roses in the air, as well as cold, ghostly breezes and apparitions have been spotted in this wing.

Many individuals who have visited this haunted prison have had accounts of hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, smelling unusual scents, and hearing conversations and even screams while there. The lingering sadness and evil seem to linger in every area at the Mansfield Reformatory – both inside and out!

Rawlings Frontier Prison

The Rawlings Frontier Prison is considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth as well. This haunted prison is located in Rawlings, Wyoming. Many individuals refer to this establishment as “The Old Pen”. Several different accounts of hauntings have been experienced at this particular prison. There seems to be a number of residual hauntings that occur in and around the structure. The spirits that many witnesses have viewed do not seem to actually be aware of the presence of the living. Residual hauntings are more less high levels of energy that are located in certain places. The living sees this energy, or “recording” and it is referred to as a haunting.

While there are many residual type hauntings at the Rawlings Frontier Prison, there are several other types of activities that occur in and around the facility. These include strange smells, devastating wails, screams, and feelings of immense fear, hot spots, cold spots, and more. Several ghost pictures, and ghost videos have been taken here to establish the fact that these are real ghost stories


As you can see, there are several haunted prisons that are deemed as the scariest places on Earth. If you want to experience these hauntings yourself, these establishments allow tours and more! Plan your trip to the scariest places on Earth – the haunted prisons mentioned here!

To discover more haunted places that you can visit check out Haunted Places To Go!

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